The Web Smart 50
Cutting steps, time, and costs

Dell Computer
» The Project: To automate even more of the company's already efficient process, by using the Web to coordinate production with parts vendors.
» The Payoff: Computers often ship from Dell's factory 15 hours after they're ordered, down from at least 30 hours before the changes.

Miller Brewing's Eden, N.C., Brewery
» The Project: Cut waste by using the Net to monitor production lines for breakdowns and quality problems.
» The Payoff: Mistakes such as broken and mislabeled bottles have dropped from 5% of production to one-tenth of 1%--the lowest rate among Miller's U.S. breweries.

» The Project: To deliver fashion changes as fast as customers demand them, using the Web to speed communications and manufacturing.
» The Payoff: New clothing designs can move from concept to store rack within two weeks, and stores can get fresh inventory twice weekly.

Cisco Systems
» The Project: An automated Web sales-and-inventory-tracking system linking Cisco with its suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.
» The Payoff: Savings of some $800 million annually, or 20% of its yearly profit.

Herman Miller
» The Project: To streamline operations so customers get desks, swivel chairs, and filing cabinets faster.
» The Payoff: Miller fills the average order a week faster than in 1995. More than 98% of all orders now ship on time, up from 75%.

» The Project: To connect dozens of companies working on construction projects through the Web and wireless devices.
» The Payoff: Coordinates $60 million projects with the same number of managers who once handled $20 million projects.

» The Project: The first to use an e-marketplace for selling fabrics and speeding the delivery of products, making it a model for the tradition-bound textile industry.
» The Payoff: Customers can get fabric samples in one day rather than weeks. By yearend Carreman expects to do 40% of its business electronically.

» The Project: To create an online energy market that enables up-to-the-minute pricing.
» The Payoff: Energy-hungry manufacturers can save millions by shifting production when rates are low.

Hallmark Cards
» The Project: Web marketplace linking Mom-and-Pop shops with suppliers.
» The Payoff: Stores' bottom lines up 10% to 15%. Should generate earnings of $200 million yearly by 2004.

» The Project: Offer all consumer and corporate banking services online.
» The Payoff: Projected savings of up to $32 million, or 10% of profits, in 2004.

University of Florida
» The Project: Use the Web to get rid of the paper headaches and run a clinical trial that would have been prohibitively expensive.
» The Payoff: Costs cut from hundreds of millions to $35 million.

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