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  The Web Smart 50
Everyone has access to Net technology. What really matters is having the brains, guts, and creativity to take maximum advantage of it. Hundreds of companies, from door builders in Wisconsin to a fashion company in Spain, are getting wise to the ways of the Web, and in the process blowing away the Old World Order. With the Web Smart 50, we celebrate the new innovators--real, live, profit-producing companies that are changing how business is done.


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Instant-messaged porn, the Year 2000 IPO scorecard, dot-cocktail parties, virtual voodoo, a discontent provider for the travel industry, reality bytes

Online Luxury Has Limits
The biggest names in glitz are spending like mad to make an online splash. Too bad it's money wasted

Data Mine
Netting Those Investors
Nearly as many people manage their finances online as read news. How can you reach them?

Clicks & Misses
The Music Devolution
Napster is the best. But music-sharing services are pokey and unreliable

Net Worth
Full Disclosure for All
The Web allows corporations to share information quickly and cheaply. So why are they so tight-lipped?

ONLINE EXTRA: BW's Corporate Disclosure Survey of the S&P 500

Quokka Goes for the Gold
The sports site is gaining fans and sponsors, but its burn rate could stop it short

Critical Numbers of the Month
The IPO window opens a crack, capital is harder to come by, and some companies are getting shorted

In Search of the Perfect Wave
ThinkTank's Scott Blum has taken competitiveness to an extreme. But then again, so have his rivals in the Net incubator game

Man on a Mission
Japan's hordes of investors are hungry for U.S.-style returns, and Oki Matsumoto aims to serve them through online broker Monex

How Ariba Got Airborne
In one incredible day, Keith Krach put together the aquisitions that have turned his upstart into one of the kings of B2B

Net Culture
The Virtual Couch
The Web is bringing e-therapy services to those who can't--or won't--set foot in an analyst's office

Cutting Edge
Will Auction Frenzy Cool?
Let's face it: It's not the format that draws sellers to eBay and its imitators. It's the giant pool of buyers

WEB SITE MAKEOVER Many a Web site seeks an intimate knowledge of its visitors. For medical site, getting people to provide personal information is critical. Our panel of experts shows how good design can help.

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This Week
September 11-15

Flying Blind Online
Retailers look to the back-to-school season for clues to the Christmas rush. That won't work for online merchants.
by Ellen Neuborne

Now for the Fast Lane is distinctive among online car merchants because it links up with dealers. Will a link with kick in the turbocharger?
Company Closeup
by Margaret Young

A True Web Appliance

Yes, Michael Treschow wants to hook up your washer to the Web. The more critical issue for the CEO of Electrolux is whether hooking his company to the Web will pay off.
Movers & Shakers
by William Echikson

Is Southwest a Buy?

Southwest Airlines may not be on most people's list of tech stocks. But it is a shining example of how to use the Web. An investor's perspective.
Street Wise
by Amey Stone

Bills, Bills, Bills

Paytrust, the major site devoted to paying bills, has just merged with a competitor. Can they make bill-paying less agonizing?
Clicks & Misses
by Dean Foust

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Did You Miss?
Crossroads of the Mobile Web
If fetching information over a Palm or your cell phone becomes your next obsession, you may have Richard Owen to thank for it. He's the British transplant running AvantGo, a Silicon Valley startup that converts Web sites into bite-size, small-screen chunks.
Movers & Shakers, Aug. 9

Dining Out Just Got Smarter
When our reviewer first visited Zagat's Web site, he had a bone or two to pick with the popular restaurant guide. On his second visit, he discovered that things are getting better. Best of all, Zagat's now covers more cities--maybe even yours.
Clicks & Misses, Aug. 4

A Shopper's Primal Scream
Got a beef with a company? helps you register your gripe and see which companies get the most gripes. You can even click on an icon named Louis, who will scream for you.
Company Closeup, Aug. 1

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