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 The Health Care Crisis
Insurance costs are soaring, and a growing number of small companies are dropping coverage. What's an entrepreneur to do? Take a look at the alternatives to conventional plans

   CHART: Ouch! The Nation's Smallest Companies Faced the Biggest Hikes in Health Care Premiums
   TABLE: Remedy #1: Medical Savings Accounts
   TABLE: Remedy #2: Self-Funding with Stop-Loss
   TABLE: Remedy #3: Split Funding
   TABLE: Remedy #4: Association Health Plans
   TABLE: Remedy #5: Consumer Choice Health Purchasing Group
   CHART: Who's Covered
   Commentary: Search for a Cure

•  ONLINE EXTRA: A Healthy Attitude: Cutting Health Costs by Changing Your Workplace
•  ONLINE EXTRA: A Checklist for Reducing Health Care Costs


 Nothing Ventured
Women are succeeding in business as never before, but they're just starting to crack the venture capital markets. The obstacles range from rank sexism to the lack of a support system. The solution: Try harder and network like crazy

   TABLE: You've Come a Long Way, Maybe
   CHART: Gender Gap
   CHART: Who's Calling the Shots
   Give 'em Hell, Jane Wayne
   This Raven Really Flies
   Resources: For Women Only
ONLINE EXTRA: Working to Create an Old-Girls Network

 A Wealth of Choices
A few years back, 401(k) plans were so costly and so few that most small businesses decided to do without them. But dearth has turned to deluge. Here's our guide to picking the best one

   CHART: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum
   TABLE: Do-It-Yourself Pensions
   What Could Be Simpler?
ONLINE EXTRA: Compare Your Options: Here's a table of the seven major pension plans available to small business, with features, costs, pros, and cons


The best town for small biz, entrepreneurial semantics, and taking a flyer on air fares

Business starts are down while hiring by small companies is way up. It's all about good times

ONLINE EXTRA: Where Business Births Are Still Booming

What Works
Only 3% of small businesses bid for federal contracts. The rest are missing out on a lot of bucks

Smart Answers
Selling stock to raise money for a startup

Customizer AI Design has created the mother of all SUVs

Digital Manager
Brace yourself--your tech costs will climb 20% over last year's

Random Access
The Date Maker

My Company
Inflation isn't a problem? Don't tell this entrepreneur

Under 30
Anthony Kirkland wants to turn Boston into a hip-hop kind of town

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