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I've grown weary of coach books. With their numbing rules about ''overpreparation'' and ''finding a way to win'' and their locker-room anecdotes, they all seem the same. So I decided to pass on Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski's Leading With the Heart, No. 13 on this month's hardcover list, and turn to No. 8, Gail Evans' Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman.

Surprise, surprise: Play Like a Man is also a coach book, right down to its stories of runner Roger Bannister and Washington Redskins running back John Riggins.

Evans, of course, is not a coach, but executive vice-president at CNN. Her thesis is that women are at a disadvantage in the workplace, since ''men wrote all the rules.'' Moreover, men just know how to behave at work, since boyhood games conditioned them for the competitive, winning-is-everything world of business. What did girls learn while playing with dolls? To build friendships and to avoid zero-sum contests.

Evans provides a total of 20 male rules that women should follow if they want to get ahead. Just reading these cheerless prescriptions put me in touch with my female side. Men, it seems, know how to speak out, toot their own horns, fake expertise when they have to--and they do not expect to make friends at work. They understand they must obey ''what the leader tells us to do.'' Is such behavior really the only way to succeed? If so, look for me down at the dollhouse.



1 WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? by Spencer Johnson, M.D. (Putnam $19.95) Learning to accept change.

2 THE MILLIONAIRE MIND by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD (Andrews McMeel $26.95) The values of the wealthy revealed.

3 THE TIPPING POINT by Malcolm Gladwell (Little, Brown $24.95) Discovering what turns an idea into a hot trend.

4 THE NEW NEW THING by Michael Lewis (Norton $25.95) Silicon Valley and its representative man, Jim Clark.

5 IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE by Robert J. Shiller (Princeton University $27.95) Has the stock market become a ''natural Ponzi'' scheme?

6 THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger (Perseus $23) The Web is a conversation--one that's changing markets.

7 FIRST, BREAK ALL THE RULES by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman (Simon & Schuster $25) A Gallup investigation into managerial success.

8 PLAY LIKE A MAN, WIN LIKE A WOMAN by Gail Evans (Broadway Books $23.95) The rules of the game of business--as written by men.

9 MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME by Robert G. Allen (Wiley $24.95) Building wealth from several sources, complete with checklists and worksheets.

10 HIGH TECH START UP by John L. Nesheim (Free Press $50) A handbook for startup success, by a Silicon Valley veteran.

11 THE 9 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM by Suze Orman (Crown $23) Practical and ''spiritual'' steps for managing money.

12 BLOWN TO BITS by Philip Evans and Thomas S. Wurster (Harvard Business School $27.50) How the Internet is reshaping business models.

13 LEADING WITH THE HEART by Mike Krzyzewski with Donald T. Phillips (Warner Books $24.95) Coaxing peak performance from your troops, by Duke University's hoops coach.

14 THE COURAGE TO BE RICH by Suze Orman (Riverhead $24.95) The rites of passage--and their financial consequences.

15 SIX SIGMA by Mikel Harry, PhD, and Richard Schroeder (Currency $27.50) Improvements in quality can boost profits, say two Motorola veterans.


1 RICH DAD, POOR DAD by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, C.P.A. (TechPress $15.95) Teaching your kids the rules of money that the rich play by.

2 THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen R. Covey (Fireside $14) Habitually popular.

3 THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, and William D. Danko, PhD (Pocket Books $14) The simple ways of the wealthy among us.

4 INVESTING FOR DUMMIES by Eric Tyson (IDG Books $19.99) From stocks to small business--with cartoons, too.

5 THE MOTLEY FOOL INVESTMENT GUIDE by David and Tom Gardner (Fireside $13) The online duo puts it on paper.

6 GETTING TO YES by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton (Penguin $12.95) A Harvard team's step-by-step guide to conflict resolution.

7 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING MONEY AND INVESTING by Kenneth M. Morris and Virginia B. Morris (Fireside $15.95) Concise explanations enriched with graphics.

8 WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? 2000 by Richard Nelson Bolles (Ten Speed Press $16.95) The enduring job-search bible.

9 24 ESSENTIAL LESSONS FOR INVESTMENT SUCCESS by William J. O'Neil (McGraw-Hill $10.95) The founder of Investor's Business Daily offers wisdom on stock-picking.

10 THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER by Kenneth Blanchard, PhD, and Spencer Johnson, M.D. (Berkley $12.95) Three management techniques, conveyed in brief story form.

11 BARRON'S DICTIONARY OF FINANCE AND INVESTMENT TERMS by John Downes and Jordan Elliot Goodman (Barron's $13.95) What is an oligopsony anyway?

12 THE ERNST & YOUNG TAX GUIDE 2000 by the Tax Partners and Professionals of Ernst & Young LLP (Wiley $15.95) That refund check should be here any day now.

13 SMART WOMEN FINISH RICH by David Bach (Broadway Books $13) A Morgan Stanley Dean Witter senior vice-president's personal-finance guide for women.

14 THE ROARING 2000s by Harry S. Dent Jr. (Touchstone $14) Why the good times won't go away.

15 THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, C.P.A. (TechPress $17.95) Moving beyond job security to financial independence.

Business Week's Best-Seller List is based on a survey of chain and independent booksellers that carry a broad selection of books on economics, management, sales and marketing, small business, investing, personal finance, and careers. Well over 1,000 retail outlets nationwide are represented. Current rankings are based on a weighted analysis of unit sales in April.

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