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WHILE READING DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF AT WORK, the No. 11 paperback on this month's best-seller list, I found myself humming Don't Worry, Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin's dopey feel-good anthem of a few years back. The book is a lot like the song: hardly profound but pleasantly therapeutic.

And the volume is best when dipped into for only a few stress-busting minutes each day. In some cases, there's no need to read beyond chapter headings: ''Have Some 'No Phone' Time at Work,'' suggests one. ''Remember the Motto, 'You Catch More Flies with Honey,''' instructs another.

Other times, you'll have to dip into the two- to three-page chapters. ''Tap into Your Secret Stress-Buster'' offers instruction in deep breathing. ''Strengthen Your Presence'' urges readers to be ''fully attentive to the task at hand.''

Admittedly, there is stuff here that will make office grinches howl. Does it really help to know that author Richard Carlson (a PhD who feels it necessary to mention the degree on the cover) has ''a purple hippo named Happy'' among his office decorations? Does anyone who has got a life want to ''Get Really Comfortable with Using Voice Mail''?

Still, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work can help readers stop and think about negative office dynamics or destructive personal habits they've fallen into. And if it doesn't work for you, there's always Bobby McFerrin.


1 THE 9 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM by Suze Orman (Crown $23) Practical and ''spiritual'' steps for managing money.

2 THE MOTLEY FOOL'S RULE BREAKERS, RULE MAKERS by David and Tom Gardner (Simon & Schuster $25) Investing in upstarts and in established companies.

3 WHO MOVED MY CHEESE by Spencer Johnson, M.D. (Putnam $19.95) Finding happiness, just like rats in a maze.

4 THE ELECTRONIC DAY TRADER by Marc Friedfertig and George West (McGraw-Hill $34.95) Hopping in and out of the market electronically.

5 THE ROARING 2000s by Harry S. Dent Jr. (Simon & Schuster $25) Why the good times won't go away.

6 HOW TO GET STARTED IN ELECTRONIC DAY TRADING by David S. Nassar (McGraw-Hill $24.95) Trading stocks moment by moment via PC.

7 THE CRISIS OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM by George Soros (PublicAffairs $26) The billionaire hedge-fund manager sounds the alarm.

8 PUSHING THE ENVELOPE by Harvey Mackay (Ballantine $24.95) A chatty and amusing guidebook for success.

9 SELLING THE INVISIBLE by Harry Beckwith (Warner $16) A collection of bite-size lessons on marketing.

10 MORE THAN ENOUGH by Dave Ramsey (Viking $22.95) Virtue and more bankable rewards.

11 HOW TO BECOME CEO by Jeffrey J. Fox (Hyperion $15.95) Succinct rules for getting ahead.

12 GUNG HO! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles (Morrow $20) How Walton Works No. 2 fired up its employees.

13 THE INNOVATOR'S DILEMMA by Clayton M. Christensen (Harvard Business School $27.50) Anticipating new technologies' disruptive effects.

14 THE JOY OF WORK by Scott Adams (HarperBusiness $22) Office pranks and ploys to fend off the cubicle blues.

15 THE 48 LAWS OF POWER by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers (Viking $24.95) Thoughts of Machiavelli, Talleyrand, and other power brokers distilled.


1 THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, and William D. Danko, PhD (Pocket Books $14) The simple ways of the wealthy among us.

2 THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen R. Covey (Fireside $14) Habitually popular.

3 J.K. LASSER'S YOUR INCOME TAX 1999 by the J.K. Lasser Institute (Macmillan $14.95) Get ready, set...

4 THE ERNST & YOUNG TAX GUIDE 1999 by the Tax Partners and Professionals of Ernst & Young LLP (Wiley $15.95) Sharpen your pencils.

5 THE MOTLEY FOOL INVESTMENT GUIDE by David and Tom Gardner (Fireside $12) The online duo puts it on paper.

6 THE 1999 WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? by Richard Nelson Bolles (Ten Speed Press $16.95) The enduring job-search bible.

7 INVESTING FOR DUMMIES by Eric Tyson, MBA (IDG Books $19.99) From stocks to small business--with cartoons, too.

8 THE MOTLEY FOOL'S YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU THINK by David and Tom Gardner (Fireside $13) Help for the investment-challenged.

9 THE MOTLEY FOOL INVESTMENT WORKBOOK by David and Tom Gardner (Fireside $12) ''So where do I find stocks'' and other queries, asked and answered.

10 DIE BROKE by Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine (HarperBusiness $14) Forget about the will--and the conventional wisdom, says a financial adviser.

11 DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF AT WORK by Richard Carlson, PhD (Hyperion $11.95) Methods for minimizing stress and conflict.

12 BUILT TO LAST by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras (HarperBusiness $15) How 3M, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and others became standouts.

13 GETTING TO YES by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton (Penguin $12.95) A Harvard team's step-by-step guide to conflict resolution.

14 THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER by Kenneth Blanchard, PhD, and Spencer Johnson, M.D. (Berkley $11.95) Three management techniques, conveyed in brief story form.

15 THE ONLY INVESTMENT GUIDE YOU'LL EVER NEED by Andrew Tobias (Harcourt, Brace $13) What's more, it's expanded and updated.

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