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COLOR PRINTING IS becoming more and more popular in offices. But the inkjet printers that are so widespread are not well suited to volume production, while lasers have been too expensive. Well, the price of color laser printers has now dropped to below $2,000, making them practical even for smaller businesses and corporate workgroups. The new $1,995 Phaser 740 from Tektronix Inc. (800 835-6100 or lowers the bar even further. If your budget is strapped, you can get the black-only Phaser 740L version for $1,495 and upgrade later with a $550 color-conversion kit. And unlike some earlier color lasers, the 740 is very easy to maintain, with just four toner cartridges and no developers or other special components that need regular service.

The 740 features built-in networking, 16-page-per-minute monochrome printing at 1,200 dots per inch, and 5-page-per-minute color printing. The printer works with all flavors of Windows, Macintosh, and Unix systems. Options include a duplexing unit for printing on both sides of a page, an expansion unit that supports multiple paper trays, memory to 128 megabits, and an external disk drive for storage of large numbers of fonts.

By Stephen H. Wildstrom


PHOTO: Tektronix Phaser 740 and 740L

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