SURE, EVERY COMPANY WANTS TO USE TECHNOLOGY to the fullest. But how important is it to install and maintain it yourself? Not very important, say the founders of Critical Path Inc., an 11-month-old startup in San Francisco.

What does Critical Path do? E-mail. The company is at the forefront of the trend to outsource specific Internet services. Its data centers process the exchange of electronic mail for about 180 companies, taking the task--and the headache--away from their clients' information technology staffs. Chief Executive Officer David Hayden says that by concentrating solely on E-mail, the company can offer its clients improved reliability and security while leaving E-mail providers their brand on the service.

Hayden says Critical Path is planning to offer certified delivery notices. One example is a deal the company is working on with the online brokerage E*Trade Securities Inc. to send customers E-mail confirmations of trades starting next year, eliminating the need to make snail-mail confirmations. Critical Path, which makes money based on the number of E-mail addresses it handles, expects to be profitable next year.

By Heather Green


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