Thai Airways International Ltd. has had only one fatal accident in the past 30 years: at Kathmandu in 1992 (''U.S. airlines: Make sure your partners are safe,'' Government, Oct. 19).

Thai Airways International should not be confused with Thai Airway Co. (TAC), a separate entity that ceased operations after a merger between the two companies in 1988. The international carrier took over the route and staff of TAC, the former domestic carrier.

The report prepared by AirSafe Financial Consultants, on which your article was based, recently came to our attention. We hope you will understand that the data used by AirSafe misrepresent Thai Airways International and are damaging to our reputation. The fatal accidents that occurred prior to 1988 related to the domestic carrier TAC. Because Thai International was a separate company, it cannot be held responsible for their accident record.

Sunathee Isvarphornchai
Director, Public Relations
Thai Airways International Ltd.


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