When 20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth, can 85% of households afford such a luxury as an HDTV (''Digital D-day,'' Cover Story, Oct. 26)? I come from a middle-class household, and if I had several thousand dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I would find something to spend it on other than a digital TV.

I, for one, refuse to be bullied into purchasing the next state-of-the-art, overpriced toy. I don't plan on replacing a perfectly good TV just because broadcasters and TV manufacturers made it obsolete. Not being able to watch TV will hardly be a tragedy and may be a blessing--by breaking what has become nothing more than a bad habit.

Stacie A. Sybrandt
Camp Hill, Pa.

The transition to HDTV would be much easier if we were not burdened with obsolete over-the-air broadcasters. Let cable and direct-broadcast satellites take over the distribution function. Television will be better as a result.

Jack Haley
Warner Robins, Ga.

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