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Lights, Camera, the Web

               LIGHTS, CAMERA, THE WEB

WEB SITE*                           COMMENTS

Ain't It Cool News             Insidery industry gossip and      movie reviews

Cinemania Online               Microsoft's movie entry, with              reviews by critic Leonard Maltin 

Drew's Scripts-O-Rama          Links to more than 600 full-length          film and TV scripts 

EW Online                      Reviews and other Entertainment    Weekly articles. Magazine
                               subscribers get extra online content, 
                               plus access to full EW movie review
                               archives                       Fine criticism, movie trailers, and                   film clips

Hollywood Online               Reviews, showtimes, trailers, and              Tinseltown news

Internet Movie Database        Biographies of actors and directors,                    lowdown on more than 150,000 flicks 

Los Angeles Times              Reviews and showtimes from the paper                in Hollywood's backyard

MovieLink                      Showtimes in 37 areas around the              country, and you can order tickets
                               via the Web in 16 cities

Mr.Showbiz                     Rates movies on a scale of 1 to 100

Siskel & Ebert                 Selected audio reviews from the           well-known film critics

The Balcony                    Listen to classic quotes from memorable                films

The Movie Pal                  A true film-buff site with addresses            of movie fan clubs, tributes to Jimmy
~heremovie_pal/                 Stewart and Henry Fonda, and plenty of
                               Web links

Note: This is an extended version of the table that appears in September 28, 
1998, issue of Business Week

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