While U.S. companies have been paying close attention to Year 2000 computer Issues, that other big event, the move to a common European currency, has drawn less attention. Altis, a French management-and-information-technology consultant, offers advice in French and English on its Web site on getting ready for the first big step, the move to euro-based accounting on Jan. 1, 1999. Of course, Altis wants to sell its services, but it offers a good bit of free information on the impact of the euro on U.S. companies.

Lots of Web sites offer information about movies new and old as well as the lives of the stars. Box Office Guru focuses on the business side of Hollywood, with a wealth of data on the performance of films at the box office. Features include a weekly commentary on how current movies are faring, a schedule of upcoming releases, and a report on weekend gross receipts. The site also includes a database on the performance of every film released since 1989. Here you can learn that a Warner Bros. clunker called Tarzan and the Lost City played in 1,412 theaters but grossed just $2.1 million.

Keysites, an offering of New Scientist magazine, can help you find your way through the online jungle of science Web sites. The Site of the Day is the editors' pick of an interesting and/or useful Web offering. One rEcent winner: Zombies on the Web--musings on the possibility of the actual existence of the living dead. The author is David Chambers, a philosophy professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Another feature is a directory of recommended science Web sites, classified by discipline.

College-application season is almost upon us, and retrieving forms online can save a lot of effort. Apply!, recently acquired by Princeton Review, offers comprehensive access to online applications as well as a lot of information about schools. You can also get a list of the schools that match such criteria as size, location, test scores, and cost. Unfortunately, the organization of the site is somewhat confusing, and Princeton Review never misses an opportunity to try to sell you one of their test-prep courses or publications. Still, having all the information in one place makes it worth the trouble.


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