The successful linking of ProBio America, a biotechnology firm in Honolulu, with the University of Hawaii team of scientists involved in the latest cloning breakthrough was a remarkable story (''Human clones: It's decision time,'' News: Analysis & Commentary, Aug. 10). What is also remarkable is the fact that this sort of networking by high-tech firms and other businesses is happening with greater frequency in Hawaii, a state that has been known more popularly for its sun and surf.

Underlying the popular vision of Hawaii is a high-tech infrastructure, offering a world-class telecommunications network girded by high-bandwidth fiber-optic technology that puts our state on the forefront of major business markets. Multiple fiber-optic cables linking Hawaii to the continental U.S. and the Asia-Pacific region have in effect erased the distances spanning state and international boundaries. Just as railroad expansion decentralized urban centers and stimulated new growth in the West, communications in Hawaii is becoming a catalyst for creating diversified economic growth.

Benjamin J. Cayetano, Governor


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