Volatility will continue, but all the elements are in place for an era of long-term growth

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Gains from new technologies will boost the economy well into the next century

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be Recessions
With rapid progress come pain and instability

Charts: Measuring the 21st Century Economy (.pdf)
Rapid innovations and surging trade will pave the way for growth

Alan Greenspan: An Unlikely Guru
The Fed Chairman's take on the high-tech economy


A Rising Tide for Workers
The innovation boom isn't benefiting just the elite anymore

A Rich Stew in the Melting Pot
Economic dynamism will depend on a continuing stream of foreign workers


The Next Wave for Technology
One day scientists will be able to create materials atom by atom, doing everything nature can do, and more

"We Are Now Starting the Century of Biology"
Genetic engineering is transforming medicine and agriculture--and that's just the beginning

No Slacking in Silicon Valley
How the crucible of the New Economy churns out one astounding product after another

An Old University Hits the High-Tech Road
Chicago's quest for relevance in the Information Age is forcing it to reexamine its traditional mission


Fast-Forward for Finance
New ways of crunching numbers, bundling loans, and packaging securities make for dazzling efficiency

The Corporation of the Future
Cisco is a good model. It reads the market well, responds quickly. And it knows how to harness high tech

The Net Is Open for Business -- Big Time
E-commerce, in less than a decade, could account for 6% of GDP and revolutionize all kinds of industries

Souping Up the Supply Chain
A new breed of supercontractors command dozens of factories and supply networks around the world

An Old Mill Town's New Pattern
How Columbus, Ga., meets the 21st century challenge by educating its workforce (extended online version)


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Despite the Asian crisis, globalization is on the rise -- and it offers greater opportunities and higher risks

A High-Tech Europe Is Finally in Sight
Deregulation, the euro, and a flood of venture capital will help close the technology gap with the U.S.

Will Technology Leave Japan Behind?
More investment in innovation is needed to propel the economy into the future

Photo Essay: Global Hot Spots (.pdf)
Creativity has never been more crucial. Fortunately, as these pictures show, it's everywhere


Why the Pace Has to Pick Up
To sustain growth of at least 3%, increased savings must be combined with a big jump in spending on basic research

A Crash Course for Congress
High-tech issues and new political alliances are changing the shape of Capitol Hill


The Optimists Have It Right
Sure, the 21st Century Economy gets lots of hype. But breaking technological boundaries and sustaining growth have been the rule -- not the exception -- throughout U.S. history


Past BW Stories
Want more? We've assembled a wide-ranging collection of previous stories (back to 1993) that helped define the New Economy and pointed the way to the 21st Century Economy. Enjoy!

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