Al Gore's Vision

The White House's technogeek, Gore was the first Washington pol to regularly visit Silicon Valley. Credited by some with coining the phrase ''Information Superhighway,'' Gore would bar taxation of electronic commerce while finding funds for a faster Internet.

He's pushing tax incentives to encourage corporate research and development. Another pet idea: The Commerce Dept.'s Advanced Technology Project, which provides government support to private research not yet commercially viable in the private sector.

The Vice-President talks of using new technologies to make old-line manufacturers more productive and globally competitive. He favors job retraining and lifetime learning programs and supports incentives for private enterprise to invest in inner cities and rural communities.

Ever since his pivotal NAFTA debate with Ross Perot, Gore has been a leading Administration spokesman for trade expansion. As co-chair of bilateral economic commissions with four nations, including Russia and South Africa, he's working to build the economies of potentially huge export markets.


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