Entrepreneurs, or folks just thinking about going off on their own in business, can tap into a wealth of online resources at this site, which is sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. EntreWorld features a step-by-step guide to starting up a business, including abundant links to other sites with resources for startups. The site also includes discussion groups, in which entrepreneurs can share their ideas, experiences, and tips.

What happens when one of the world's oldest trades meets one of its newest technologies? You get Anvilfire, a Web site devoted to the ancient art of blacksmithing. Included are the Virtual Hammer-in--a discussion group--and sources for buying forges, tools, and the hard-to-find special coal needed for metalworking.

What's the difference between a viola and an onion? No one cries when you cut up a viola. For some reason, the poor viola always has been the butt of musicians' jokes, and here is a site containing hundreds of jokes about what looks like an oversize violin. If you prefer gags about other instruments, the site has them, too, though most turn out to be viola jokes in disguise.

Online glossaries are among the better uses of the Web, but sometimes it's hard to put your finger on the exact reference you need. The OneLook Dictionaries site includes an index of 1.7 million words in 284 dictionaries. A search produces links to the various specialized dictionaries in which the term was found. For example, a search for the word ''tensor'' turned up its meaning in mathematical analysis in an aerospace dictionary and its geometric and physiological definitions in a medical dictionary.

The World Cup is the planet's most popular sporting event by a huge margin. Of course, the usual sports sites such as ESPNet and SportsZone will offer extensive coverage of the matches, which will run through July 12, but the most complete information may come from the France98 host committee's official site. The Web pages, which are available in French or English, include a detailed, animated calendar of the competition, a World Cup trivia quiz, and detailed descriptions of the 10 cities that will host matches.



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