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A Trio of Triumphs

PIERRE OMIDYAR, Founder and chairman, eBay
Omidyar calls eBay, which runs 400,000 daily online auctions, an experiment in E-commerce based on trust. What brings buyers and sellers together? Participants post descriptions of what it was like doing business with others. eBay's take: 5% of the transaction, generating $6 million in first-quarter revenues--what it made all last year.

MATT HYDE, Online store manager, REI
Two years after going online, Recreational Equipment's cyberstore is expected to make a profit this year. The Seattle-based outdoor equipment and clothing retailer keeps the site simple--even with 8,000 products and tutorials on, say, the best crampons for mountain ascents. ''If it's not simple, people won't use it,'' says Hyde.

SCOTT ECKERT, Director, Dell Online
With $5 million in daily online sales, Dell has one hot site. Among its new moves: Listing products based on use, such as in the home or office. ''Only 20% of a successful Web site is technology--the rest is knowing your customers,'' says Eckert.

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