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Where to Look for Info

SITE/ADDRESS (http://)                  COMMENTS

BRIEFING.COM           Strong on currency analysis, foreign exchange, and       fixed-income markets ($6.95 to $25 a month)

CBS MARKETWATCH        Formerly DBC Online, the site provides free news and    market analysis; plus tiered pricing plans ($29.95 to
                       $79 a month) for those who need more timely and
                       detailed coverage

EDGAR ONLINE           Free access to many SEC filings; $9.95 a month   and up for people who want same-day filings

INVESTOOLS.COM         Lets you read articles from different     investment newsletters for a fee

MICROSOFT INVESTOR     One-stop investing site with research, charts,       stock- and fund-screening tools, and links to online
                       brokers; $9.95 a month for regular subscribers

QUOTE.COM              Real-time dynamic charts let investors watch the          market tick by tick ($9.95 to $99.95 a month)

SMARTMONEY             Offers portfolios and stories with stock picks;
INTERACTIVE            access to the interactive Wall Street Journal and     Barron's sites ($49 a year for nonprint subscribers)

THE STREET.COM         Features original editorial content and columnists      such as hedge-fund manager James J. Cramer
                       ($6.95 a month or $9.95 with E-mail delivery)

WALL STREET CITY       Excellent stock screening and other analytical tools ($9.95 to $34.95 a month)

YAHOO! FINANCE         Superb free site that tracks portfolios and provides        market news plus links to a wide range of financial
                       info, such as analyst upgrades and downgrades

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