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Put Your Business Contacts on Computer

Here's a sampling of the top-selling software--both Personal Information 
Managers (PIMs) and contact managers--that help you organize your business. All 
require Windows 95 or NT 4.0 and at least an Intel 486-based PC, except where 

PRODUCT         RETAIL  VENDOR             PHONE/              OTHER SYSTEMS
                PRICE                      WEB ADDRESS         SUPPORTED*
ACT! 3.0        $200    Symantec Corp.     800 441-7234/       NT 3.51;

DAY-TIMER        $60    Day-Timer          800 225-5005/       386; Win 3.1;
ORGANIZER 2.1           Concepts Inc.    NT 3.51; Mac

GOLDMINE 4.0    $190    GoldMine           800 654-3526        None
                        Software Corp.

LOTUS            $80    Lotus Devel-       800 343-5414/       NT 3.51
ORGANIZER               opment Corp.

MAXIMIZER 97    $140    Maximizer          800 804-6299/       386
                        Technologies Inc.

MICROSOFT       $100    Microsoft          800 426-9400/       NT 3.51
OUTLOOK                 Corp.    

SIDEKICK 98      $50    Starfish           888 782-7347/ www.  None

PRODUCT                COMMENTS

ACT! 3.0               Less flexible than some of its rivals but simpler
                       to learn; fans rave about customer support.

DAY-TIMER              Easy-to-use PIM enables sharing within Mac and
ORGANIZER 2.1          PC networks; workgroup capabilities.

GOLDMINE 4.0           Among the more difficult to master; features
                       include sales tracking and sales forecasting;
                       designed for network use.

LOTUS                  Well-established PIM; easy to learn and use;
ORGANIZER              increasingly adept at contact management.

MAXIMIZER 97           Feature-rich contact manager; relatively hard to
                       learn; easy linking to large corporate databases.

MICROSOFT              Internet-savvy PIM bundled with Microsoft's Office
OUTLOOK                97 suite; has quickly established a following.

SIDEKICK 98            Another easy-to-use PIM; features Web integration
                       and links to palmtop PCs.

*Mac products require minimum of 68020-based Macintosh-compatible and OS 7.0.


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