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Point, Click, Learn

Looking for an online business course? Here's a sampling of Web sites that 
offer courses and seminars that entrepreneurs may find helpful. Check with the 
organization for details on course schedules and fees.

THE INTERNET STUDIO     Small group courses and seminars on business uses
217 528-2828            of the Net, such as sending anonymous E-mail to      assess competition. Instructors create courses to

NEW SCHOOL FOR          An unusual list of business-related courses start
SOCIAL RESEARCH         twice a semester and can be taken at any time. Among
212 229-5880            current offerings: ''The Grammar of Business         Writing,'' and ''Organizational Behavior in Technical

RETAIL ADVISORS         Courses for retailers and other small businesses
800 624-5261            include live chats where students develop business      plans or devise customized marketing strategies.

RIO SALADO COLLEGE      Basic business courses and lots of computer classes
602 517-8150            start every two weeks. A virtual college with no    campus, its online selection is among the largest.

UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA     Traditional business and management courses let
BERKELEY EXTENSION      students start and attend at any time. Most popular
510 642-4111            course: critical thinking. Bulletin-board-based
www-cmil.unex.berkeley. discussion is a large part of the course work.
edu/online              Emphasizes its access through America Online.

UNIV. OF PHOENIX        Day or night, students can tap into undergraduate
800 388-5463            and graduate business degree programs. Students    collaborate in small ''virtual work groups'' through
                        chat rooms and other conferencing.

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