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Who's looking into Microsoft's business practices

THE JUSTICE DEPT., in addition to an Oct. 20 suit to enforce terms of a 1995 consent decree, is examining Microsoft's $150 million investment in Apple Computer as well as deals with small tech outfits that may lock up technology for sending audio and video over the Net. Also looking into contract practices, including issues involving Sun's Java.

SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Has scheduled hearings to examine dominance by Microsoft and Intel of various sectors of the computer industry.

RALPH NADER Plans a symposium on Nov. 13 on Microsoft's alleged antitrust violations.

SUN MICROSYSTEMS Is suing Microsoft for breach of contract for the way the software giant is using licensed Java software technology.

STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL In California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Connecticut are checking into a variety of possibly anticompetitive practices.

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