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Exterior of Brew Moon restaurant Brew Moon Restaurant and Microbrewery

Brew Moon Enterprises

Darlow Christ Architects

Building type

Award Category
Private sector, under $5 million

Elliot Feiner, one of the original founders of Boston Chicken Inc., wanted to take the tired microbrewery concept to a higher level. He put together a design team, including Darlow Christ Architects Inc., to come up with a detailed retailing concept for Brew Moon Enterprises Inc., right down to the kind of beer to be served.

Instead of focusing on the process of making beer, with all the tanks and pipes, they decided to emphasize the high quality of the beverage itself. And not just the beer but the food being served, the surroundings, and the building. The winning design transports the microbrewery to a higher niche--a restaurant for professionals who enjoy good food and drink.

All team members took 10% of their fee in stock options in the startup company. Good thing for them. There are now four Brew Moons in Massachusetts, with plans to roll them out across the country.

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