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Cubicles at Gemini Computing Gemini Consulting Office
Cambridge, Mass.

Gemini Consulting

Thompson and Rose Architects; Reiter & Reiter

Building Type
Headquarters Office

Award Category
Private sector, under $5 million

Gemini Consulting Inc. wanted to be what it told its clients to be--open, flexible, mobile, innovative. It turned to two firms, Thompson and RoseArchitects and Reiter & Reiter to redesign its Cambridge (Mass.) offices. ''They wanted the office architecture to be a powerful narrative that explained the principles of their business,'' says Charles Rose, a principal at Thompson and Rose. Gemini wanted more information to be exchanged freely, so the office walls were broken down. The architects also designed specific furniture and rooms for specific tasks. There were spaces for ''hoteling'' and there were conference rooms to accommodate clients. There were even special walls put up to handle huge 12-foot-by-16-foot charts that showed clients how their businesses really ran--or didn't.

Before the architects showed up, Gemini's employees spent a lot of time at the nearby Charles Hotel. They rented rooms to talk to clients, recruit MBAs, and even have staff meetings.

No more. Thompson and Rose also saved Gemini money. Two leases were consolidated into one, movable furniture was used to take advantage of the tax code, and the square footage per person came down. No matter. The Gemini consultants like their new space so much they held their Christmas party there rather than at the ritzy Charles.

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