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New Lexicon of Architecture

ENTITLEMENT SEATING Having your own office.

NONTERRITORIALITY Not having your own office. Open floor plans.

NEW WAVE OFFICING New work spaces for new kinds of work (''hoteling'').

AGILITY LEVEL Measures types of work (sharing, moveability, space) for furniture.

FORTUITOUS ENCOUNTERS The Holy Grail. Creativity is sparked by chance meetings on escalators, interior streets, or piazzas.

PROGRAMMING Not software, but the collaboration between client and architect that uncovers the true corporate organization and culture.

DILBERTVILLES Office Taylorism with employees working in tiny, identical cubicles.

PUSH-BACK Employee rebellion against Dilbertvilles (knowledge workers walk).

CONCIERGE SERVICES Take-out dinners, dry cleaning, tax help, and other amenities that nurture employees.

POLLUTION The visual and noise variety that infects open floor plans.

COMPRESSION Squeezing square footage of space per employee (national average is 100 square feet and shrinking).

RECYCLING Reclaiming old factories, warehouses, or Kmarts as offices.

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