Microsoft Word is probably the world's most widely used computer application. And while Word is powerful and flexible, there are a lot of really irritating things about it, such as tool bars cluttered with buttons for features hardly anyone uses. Now, there's help. Woody Leonhard, who has been giving good advice on Word since DOS was in style, has teamed up with Lee Hudspeth and T.J. Lee to write Word 97 Annoyances (O'Reilly & Associates, $21.95). The breezy book gives practical advice on how to both simplify Word and unlock its power. Despite the title, much of the information is applicable to Word 95 and even Word 6.0. While intended for readers who aren't afraid to work under the hood and maybe even do a little bit of programming, thorough instructions make it possible for even complete novices to customize the application.


PHOTO: Cover, ``Windows Annoyances''

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