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New Technologies Find a Home

Xerox PARC research that isn't snapped up by Xerox itself is now spun out in 
startups under the Xerox New Enterprises umbrella. Here are some:


CHRYSTAL SOFTWARE             Software for creating and editing Internet-
San Diego                     related documents in the new Standard Generalized
Founded 1996*                 Markup Language (SGML). Customers include Cathay              Pacific, Daimler Benz, and Fiat.

DOCUMENTUM                    Family of open client/server programs that 
Pleasanton, Calif.            organize corporate knowledge so it can be
Founded 1990, IPO 1996        readily reused. Customers include Delta            Air Lines, Hewlett-Packard, and Merck.

DPIX                          Flat-panel displays that generate graphics and
Palo Alto, Calif.             text with a crispness almost as good as printed
Founded 1996                  paper. Customers include British Aerospace,                  McDonnell Douglas, and the Pentagon.

INXIGHT SOFTWARE              New search tools and graphical user interface
Palo Alto, Calif.             (GUI) concepts that do away with pull-down menus. 
Founded 1996                  Customers include Verity, InfoSeek, Oracle,               America Online, and NetCarta.

LIVEWORKS                     Large whiteboard displays for showing graphics
San Jose, Calif.              in meetings or teleconferences, plus software
Founded 1992                  for holding virtual meetings. Customers include             Monsanto and Talegen Holding.

*Spun off from XSoft, a former division of Xerox Corp.


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