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Sounding Alarms

COCA-COLA: Aug. 8 Third-quarter earnings will only ''slightly exceed'' last year's results largely because of the negative impact of the strong dollar.

GILLETTE: Aug. 15 Advised analysts to lower 1997 earnings-per-share estimates by 5 cents, to $2.55, citing weak sales of appliances by its German-based Braun unit.

TUPPERWARE: Sept. 5 Warned third-quarter earnings will be ''down significantly'' from 1996 because of slow Latin American sales, weakness in Asia.

MOTOROLA: Sept. 11 Warned it wouldn't meet analysts' third-quarter estimates because of slowing sales of pagers in China and a $95 million charge for exiting the business of making Macintosh clones.

MANPOWER: Sept. 12 The world's No. 1 temp-help firm said currency fluctuations would knock third-quarter earnings down by 10%, or 7 cents per share.

EASTMAN KODAK: Sept. 15 Warned 1997 operating earnings could fall as much as 25% below 1996 levels.

POLAROID: Sept. 16 The strong U.S. dollar is having a ''significant negative impact'' and third-quarter and full-year results will be below forecasts.

OWENS CORNING: Sept. 17 Lower prices for insulation and composite materials and lower sales of roofing materials will depress third-quarter and 1997 earnings.


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