Fans of the delightfully off-center work of author and illustrator Edward Gorey can feast on the Goreyography site, which describes itself as a ''continuous choreography of calamitous characters.'' The site features Gorey art and writing, works of other artists in the Gorey spirit, and links to related sites, including a collection of truly terrible limericks by Gorey. In the best gallery tradition, most of the art on the site is available for purchase at the online ''gift shop.''

It's a sellers' market for skilled workers these days, but nowhere more so than in the computer industry. SelectJOBS is a national employment clearinghouse for techie professionals. Job seekers can post their resumes without charge. Employers pay $40 for a single 30-day help-wanted posting or up to $300 a month for unlimited offerings. Job seekers can search by geographic area, by specific skill, by keyword, title, or job description. The site also provides links to several technical users' groups and their bulletin boards.

The Web's educational value often seems overstated, with many sites offering little but propaganda or thinly veiled advertising. Indeed, this colorful, kid-oriented AT&T Labs site is not without features about the glories of the long-distance phone system. But it also provides much useful information on how both the phone network and the Internet work, plus a biography of Alexander Graham Bell and a picture-matching quiz about Bell (which works only with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher). Other interactive games include one where you route calls through the network and another where you can design an improved phone-numbering scheme.


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