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How the Sites Stack Up

Site Name/                     Price                        No. of Stocks/
Internet Address (http://)                                  Variables

ALPHACHART                     Free                             5,000/                                    19

HOOVER'S STOCKSCREENER*        Free                             8,000/                                           22

I.Q. NET                       Free basic service; premium      10,000/               screens, $18.95/month            100

MARKETGUIDE NETSCREEN          Free                             9,800/                                       20

MARKETPLAYER*                  Free                             3,600/                                            75

MICROSOFT INVESTOR             $9.95/month for package          8,000/      of features, including screens   81

MORNINGSTAR.NET*               Free                             8,000/                                              12

QUICKEN NETWORTH               Free                             12,000/                                            19

RESEARCHMAG.COM                Free                             10,000/                                             21

STANDARD & POOR'S*             $7.95/month or                   10,000/
                               $79.50/year                      40

STOCKTOOLS                     Free                             36,000/                                              12

THOMSON INVESTORS NETWORK*     $9.95/month for package of       7,000/          features, including screens      18

WALL STREET CITY               $0-$34.95, depending             40,000/         on number of features            297

WALL STREET RESEARCH NET       Free                             8,000/                                                    17

.XLS                           Screens are free; $2.50 per      8,000/                    company for downloading data     14

Site Name               Comments

ALPHACHART              Good variables for technical analysis; screens yield
                        only ticker symbols

HOOVER'S STOCKSCREENER* Good choice of variables; easy to use; results come
                        in spreadsheet format yet are not exportable

I.Q. NET                Quick; mixes technical and fundamental criteria;
                        few free variables

MARKETGUIDE NETSCREEN   Easy links to complete company reports; measures
                        growth only over three-year periods

MARKETPLAYER*           Vast measures of past and projected profits; users
                        need to become handy with arcane search terms

MICROSOFT INVESTOR      Well designed and easy to use; results can be down-
                        loaded only to most recent version of Excel

MORNINGSTAR.NET*        Intelligent selection of variables; but there are to
                        few of them

QUICKEN NETWORTH        Some unusual variables, such as insider holdings;
                        many crude variables; prices updated monthly

RESEARCHMAG.COM         Shows how many stocks each variable cut from
                        the field; portfolio analyzer; some hazily defined
                        variables; can be tricky to use

STANDARD & POOR'S*      Exploits S&P's comprehensive data base; simple to
                        use; inflexible, pre-set screens bar customization

STOCKTOOLS              Large universe of stocks, including Canadian is-
                        sues; less historical price data then others

THOMSON INVESTORS       Includes a few unusual criteria; doesn't permit
 NETWORK*               searches by absolute values

WALL STREET CITY        Advanced variables; foreign stocks; overwhelming
                        list of complex choices

WALL STREET RESEARCH    Allows searches by key market indexes; has few
 NET                    variables

.XLS                    Wealth of data downloaded swiftly in spreadsheet;
                        expensive; designed more for businesses

*Cannot be copied to a spreadsheet

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