Life on the Line

The history of Mitsubishi Motors' sexual-harassment suits

DEC. 15, 1994 Twenty-nine women working at Mitsubishi's Normal (Ill.) plant file a lawsuit charging sexual harassment

APR. 9, 1996 The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission files its own suit on behalf of more than 280 women employees

MAY 7, 1996 The National Organization for Women and Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSH launch a boycott of Mitsubishi products

MAY 14, 1996 Mitsubishi announces that former Labor Secretary Lynn Martin will review its workplace policies and procedures

AUGUST, 1996 The company offers classes in sex-harassment awareness for all employees in Normal

FEB. 12, 1997 Martin releases a report criticizing Mitsubishi's labor-relations systems and recommending changes

AUG. 29, 1997 Mitsubishi settles a harassment suit with 27 of the 29 women for an estimated $9.5 million

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