MANY PEOPLE WHO DOWNLOADED the preview version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 over the Net were confused by the new main screen the program gives to Windows 95 and NT. Familiar desktop icons behaved like Web links: Captions turned blue when the cursor passed over them, and a single click of the mouse launched a program.

Many folks, used to double-clicking on icons to launch programs or call up files in Windows 95, found it hard to stop. And the second click often caused unpredictable results, such as launching a completely unrelated program. A chorus of complaints were registered with Microsoft. The finished version of IE 4.0, expected to be available as a free download by the end of September, will still offer the single-click approach as an option, but the version installed by default will use the trusty two clicks.

A number of other changes to simplify the main screen are planned before release. But the best new feature will remain: Instead of cluttering your screen with a new window each time you click to open a folder, you get a single window and use browser-style forward and back buttons to move through the contents.


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