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Independent Directors or O'Reilly's Cronies?

Some shareholders and corporate governance activists charge that Heinz' board is overloaded with loyalists and friends of O'Reilly. Here is the current list of outside directors:

SAMUEL C. JOHNSON: (69) Former chairman of S.C. Johnson & Son; served with O'Reilly on Mobil board.

EDITH E. HOLIDAY: (45) Attorney who worked with Nick Brady when he was Treasury Secretary under Bush; joined board in 1994.

WILLIAM P. SNYDER III: (79) Longest-serving director. Former president of Shenango Furnace Co.; on board since 1961.

HERMAN J. SCHMIDT: (80) Former vice-chairman of Mobil Corp.; on board since 1977; fellow Mobil director with O'Reilly.

NICHOLAS F. BRADY: (67) Joined in 1987 when he was chairman of Dillon Read & Co., investment banker to Heinz. Now, Heinz is putting $5 million in his investment fund.

DONALD R. KEOUGH: (71) Former Coca-Cola Co. president; served with O'Reilly on the Washington Post Co. board for many years.

ELEANOR B. SHELDON: (77) Described as ''social scientist.'' Board member since 1979; served with O'Reilly on Mobil board.

RICHARD M. CYERT: (76) President of Carnegie Mellon University, a beneficiary of Heinz Foundation grants.

THOMAS S. FOLEY: (68) O'Reilly friend for over 15 years. Former U.S. House Speaker joined board in 1995.


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