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Want to know more about Silicon Valley's largest public companies?

With help from Standard & Poor's (like BW, a unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies), we're pleased to provide not only a list of the top 100 technology companies but also a wealth of financial information on each one. You'll find a free S&P Stock Report for every company on the list (for Radius, we're providing similar information from S&P's Compustat unit instead).

You can browse the Silicon Valley 100

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The rankings are according to fiscal 1996 revenues. For the purposes of the list, we've defined Silicon Valley as encompassing the counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, southern Alameda, and areas of Santa Cruz. Technology companies were selected from the S&P industry codes of 185 Computer (Software & Services); 187 Computers (Networking); 188 Computers (Peripherals); 190 Computers (Hardware); 235 Electronics (Semiconductors); 247 Equipment (Semiconductor); and 454 Services (Computer Systems).

The S&P Stock Reports contain current data as of July 19, 1997, and include S&P's own buy, hold, or sell recommendations; its analysis of a stock's outlook, fair value, and risk; Wall Street consensus opinions; industry analysis; investment-oriented news, and more.

S&P is a recognized leader in the finanical information industry. For more information, visit S&P's Web site. Stock Reports on these and thousands of other public companies can be purchased directly from S&P at

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