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Dreaming of Space

As NASA downsizes and privatizes its operations, a 21st century commercial space industry is struggling to be born. Here are some of the dreams that companies--large and small--are trying to make real:

AEROASTRO             Building cheaper rockets and satellites for telecom and
Herndon, Va.            science missions

BOEING                Majority owner of Sea Launch, a venture to launch
Seattle                rockets from a movable ocean platform

KELLY SPACE           Its reusable rocket would be towed off the ground
San Bernardino, Ca.     by a Boeing 747

KISTLER AEROSPACE    Its two-stage rocket achieves soft landing on
Kirkland, Wash.         Earth, thanks to parachutes and air bags

LOCKHEED MARTIN      Its X-33 rocket will take off vertically and glide to a
Bethesda, Md.           landing. Projected costs: Below $1,000 a pound

LUNACORP              Wants to put a rover on the moon that theme-park
Arlington, Va.         visitors would ''drive'' from afar

PIONEER ROCKETPLANE  Designing craft (at left) that takes off like a plane
Lakewood, Colo.          and gets rocket propellant from a tanker

SPACEDEV              Planning privately funded mission to asteroid to
Steamboat Springs,     study mining potential

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