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The Partners: Turnarounds with Foreign Strategic Partners

COMPANY/COUNTRY                            SALES *      PROFIT

**ALIMA-GERBER/Poland              1,122        $55       $4,600****
Food, juices                                  + 57%
CEO: Ryszard Wojtkowski

**DEBICA/Poland                    5,000     $192.3      $11,500
Tires and rubber products                     + 22%        +  2%
CEO: Zdzislaw Chabowski

**GE LIGHTING TUNGSRAM/Hungary    10,500       $350 *******    NA
Lightbulb manufacturing                       + 26%
CEO: Mike S. Zafirovski

**MATAV/Hungary                   16,200     $1,090      $131,100
Telecommunications                            + 37%        + 504%
CEO: Elek Straub

**NESTLE POLSKA HOLDING/Poland     4,000       $246            $0***
Food                                          + 59%
CEO: Barbara Kux

**SKODA AUTO/Czech Republic       15,500       $1963.        $5,430****
Auto manufacturing                            + 55%
CEO: Vratislav Kulhanek

**WEDEL/Poland                     3,200     $206.3       $12,100
Chocolate maker                               + 41%         + 44%
CEO: Jozef Rutkowski

COMPANY/COUNTRY INDUSTRY MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS **ALIMA-GERBER/Poland Gerber Products Co., Food, juices 99.3% CEO: Ryszard Wojtkowski **DEBICA/Poland Goodyear, 50.8% Tires and rubber products CEO: Zdzislaw Chabowski **GE LIGHTING TUNGSRAM/Hungary General Electric Co., 100% Lightbulb manufacturing CEO: Mike S. Zafirovski **MATAV/Hungary MagyarCom (Deutsche Tele- Telecommunications kom and Ameritech Inter- CEO: Elek Straub national JV), 67.36%; State Privatization & Holding Co., 25.44% **NESTLE POLSKA HOLDING/Poland Nestle, 100% Food CEO: Barbara Kux **SKODA AUTO/Czech Republic Volkswagen, 70% Auto manufacturing CEO: Vratislav Kulhanek **WEDEL/Poland PepsiCo, 83% Chocolate maker CEO: Jozef Rutkowski
COMPANY/COUNTRY INDUSTRY STRATEGY **ALIMA-GERBER/Poland Expansion from jarred Food, juices baby food to mass CEO: Ryszard Wojtkowski production of fruit juice **DEBICA/Poland Keep strong position in Tires and rubber products domestic passenger cars; CEO: Zdzislaw Chabowski expand to neighboring countries **GE LIGHTING TUNGSRAM/Hungary Supply GE light bulbs for Lightbulb manufacturing world markets CEO: Mike S. Zafirovski **MATAV/Hungary Invest in infrastructure; Telecommunications target business market; CEO: Elek Straub aim to list on Budapest Stock Exchange by early 1998 **NESTLE POLSKA HOLDING/Poland Compete with foreign Food imports; core business in CEO: Barbara Kux beverages, confectionery **SKODA AUTO/Czech Republic Market aggressively Auto manufacturing overseas; revamp product CEO: Vratislav Kulhanek line **WEDEL/Poland Invest in equipment; Chocolate maker broaden product range CEO: Jozef Rutkowski
* Current market exchange rates
**Publicly traded
***Invested cash flow into business
**** No profit in 1995
******* Estimate

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