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Going Global: Entrepreneurs Making a Splash beyond Their Borders

COMPANY/COUNTRY                          SALES*     PROFITS

**BONTON/Czech Republic         537        $38.4       $1,500***
Entertainment                               + 9%        + 35%
CEO: Martin Kratochvil

**DOMPLAST/Poland               577         $22.6       $2,780
Tires                                        - 9%       + 238%
CEO: Andrzej Debowski

**FORTE/Poland                2,200         $88.2       $6,600
Kitchen cabinet maker                       + 25%        + 78%
CEO: Maciej Formanowicz

**GRAPHISOFT/Hungary            102          $19        $5,000
Architecture software                      + 27%         + 25%
CEO: Gabor Bojar

**KORADO/Czech Republic         630         $36.6       $5,000
Radiator manufacturing                      + 43%        + 52%
CEO: Frantisek Menclik

**OPTIMUS/Poland                520         $159        $5,400
Computer assembly and sales                + 46%         + 86%
CEO: Roman Kluska

**RECOGNITA/Hungary              55         $2.5          $200
Character-recognition software              f 17%        + 150%
CEO: Akos Reszler

**SEMILAB/Hungary                26          $3.7       $1,610
Machines to test silicon for                + 90%       + 182%
CEO: Tibor Pavelka

COMPANY/COUNTRY INDUSTRY MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS **BONTON/Czech Republic Martin Kratochvil, 20%; Entertainment Employees, 45 CEO: Martin Kratochvil Czech institutions, 35% *DOMPLAST/Poland Rubbermaid, 89.5% Tires CEO: Andrzej Debowski **FORTE/Poland Maciej Formanowicz, Kitchen cabinet maker 32.5%; Alno, CEO: Maciej Formanowicz 32.5%; Pioneer First Polish Enterprise Fund, 5.12 % **GRAPHISOFT/Hungary Management, 16% Architecture software Private investors, 84% CEO: Gabor Bojar **KORADO/Czech Republic Four founding partners, Radiator manufacturing 100% CEO: Frantisek Menclik **OPTIMUS/Poland Roman Kluska, 53.8%; Computer assembly and sales Anna Kluska, 18.5%; CEO: Roman Kluska Merrill Lynch, 6.5% **RECOGNITA/Hungary Caere Corp., 100% Character-recognition softwar CEO: Akos Reszler **SEMILAB/Hungary Hungarian American Machines to test silicon for Investment Fund, Venture semiconductors Capital Hungary, and Euro CEO: Tibor Pavelka Ventures, 80%
COMPANY/COUNTRY INDUSTRY STRATEGY **BONTON/Czech Republic Expand network of giant record Entertainment stores throughout the region; CEO: Martin Kratochvil aims to list shares on NASDAQ ater this year *DOMPLAST/Poland License strategic investment Tires with major multinational; CEO: Andrzej Debowski price against imports **FORTE/Poland Invested in new technology for Kitchen cabinet maker production line; marketing CEO: Maciej Formanowicz aggressively abroad **GRAPHISOFT/Hungary Stay independent; target niche Architecture software architectural market; aims to list CEO: Gabor Bojar shares on NASDAQ **KORADO/Czech Republic Expand capacity to boost sales Radiator manufacturing in foreign markets CEO: Frantisek Menclik **OPTIMUS/Poland Develop strong brand name, Computer assembly and sales distribution network; cooperation CEO: Roman Kluska with partners such as Intel and Microsoft **RECOGNITA/Hungary Serve as R&D lab and regional Character-recognition softwar hub for new U.S. owner CEO: Akos Reszler **SEMILAB/Hungary Niche supplier to companies Machines to test silicon for such as Sharp, Philips semiconductors Electronics, and Texas CEO: Tibor Pavelka Instruments
* Current market exchange rates
**Publicly traded
*** Excluding extraordinary income

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