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If you want a lot of digital camera in a small package--and for a moderate price--take a look at the new PowerShot 350 from Canon Computer Systems (800 848-4123). The $699 camera is just 3 1/2x3x2 in. and weighs 11 oz. Like a growing number of digital cameras, it uses a color liquid crystal display in place of a viewfinder and can either save pictures for processing on a PC or Macintosh, or send about one frame per second to a television or any device that accepts standard video. The f 2.8 lens allows for dim-light pictures without using the built-in flash and the camera can focus as close as 1.2 in. The PowerShot 350 has a resolution of 640x480 pixels and can store up to 11 top-quality images, or up to 43 at lower resolution, on a removable 2 MB memory card. The camera comes bundled with Ulead PhotoImpact SE, a powerful but difficult image-editing program, and owners who register their cameras will also receive Adobe Systems' less capable, but much easier to use, PhotoDeluxe. The camera can also be used with any software that supports the so-called TWAIN interface, an industry standard for linking scanners and other imaging devices to computers.


PHOTO: Canon Powershot 350

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