DVD: The Good News...and the Bad

-- DVDs resemble CDs, but can store more than seven times as much information on a single layer of a single side. That's enough to hold most full-length Hollywood movies.

-- The disks provide far superior sound and picture quality over a standard VHS tape. And, unlike movie tapes, DVDS shouldn't deteriorate over time.

-- Consumers can rapidly access any part of the disk, without having to fast-forward or rewind. There's no picture distortion either, when you watch in slow motion.

-- A single DVD can carry up to eight audio tracks and 32 subtitle or karaoke tracks, along with multiple camera angles or different versions of the same film.

-- Don't throw your VCR away anytime soon: DVD players cannot record.

-- There are currently only a few dozen movie titles out on DVD, far fewer than on VHS. Plus, rentals are scarce. Meanwhile, major studios such as Disney have yet to embrace the new format.


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