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When Buying Used Computers...

-- Know what kind of programs you want to run and what functions are most important. For example, running complicated financial spreadsheets or getting fast access to the Internet require different capabilities.

-- Don't buy a 486 unless cost is absolutely critical. It won't be able to support the latest software. Go for the 75, 100, 120, or 133 Pentiums or just about any Pentium laptop.

-- Make sure you have enough disk space and memory--at least an 810-megabyte disk and 16 MB of RAM.

-- Ask whether the computer comes with an operating system. Make sure it has Windows 95 loaded and configured.

-- Ask whether manuals will be provided or can be obtained for the computer, and determine what kind of service is available after purchase.

-- Check the warranty. Warranties on used computers can range from 2 to 90 days. On refurbished computers, the warranty can be one year or more-- the same as for a new computer.

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