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Catch the Bug with the Web

Most consultants who work on year-2000 issues accept only large clients. Here's where small businesses can get some help.

PETER DE JAGER'S YEAR 2000 PAGE lists dozens of year-2000 consultants and offers a calendar of relevant conferences. Also available are articles, lists of user groups, and answers to commonly asked questions.

THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA provides a Year 2000 Buyers Guide along with a directory of vendors specializing in bug fixes. An ''issues and

observations'' page and a weekly newsletter are also valuable resources.

runs a Web site listing year-2000 user groups at, complete with their locations, phone numbers, and related sites.

DIGITAL CONSULTING'S YEAR 2000 ISSUES AND ANSWERS CONFERENCE AND EXPO PAGE lists industry conferences focusing on year-2000 issues.

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