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Some of India's Great Business Families

                   TATA                   BIRLA

COMPANY  Tata Group, started in    Birla Group, started
          1868 by Sir Jamsetji      in 1862 by
          Tata                      Sheonarayan Birla

CURRENT   Ratan Tata                Great-great-grandson
CHIEF     59                        Kumar Birla, 29

BUSINESS Steel, truckmaking,       Cement, textiles,
          power generation,         rayon, aluminum,
          chemicals, hotels,        iron, petroleum
          computers, consult-       refining, telecom
          ing, consumer goods,

REVENUES  $9 billion                $5 billion

PROSPECTSJury is still out; it     Unclear; empire
          will be tough to con-     needs consolidation
          solidate the empire       and focus

           RELIANCE               MAHINDRA
COMPANY  Reliance Industries,      Mahindra & Mahindra,
          started in 1969 by        started in 1945 by
          Dhirubhai Ambani          Jagdish Mahindra and
                                    brother Kailash

CURRENT   Sons Mukesh, 39, and      Grandson Anand
CHIEF     Anil, 37                  Mahindra, 41  

BUSINESS Textiles, polyester       Tractors, sport-utility
          fiber, petrochemicals,    vehicles, passenger
          oil & gas,                cars, real estate

REVENUES  $2.4 billion              $1.4 billion

PROSPECTS Strong entrepreneur-      Bright; has managed
          ial drive with global     transition well; global
          plans                     ambitions              

                BAJAJ                     THAPAR
COMPANY  Bajaj Group, founded     Thapar Group, found-
          in 1945 by Jamnalal      ed in 1943 by Karam
          Bajaj                    Chand Thapar

CURRENT  Son Rahul Bajaj, 59;     Son Lalit Thapar, 66;
CHIEF    grandson Rajiv, 30,      five grandnephews
          being groomed            next in line

BUSINESS  Scooters, mopeds,        Paper, chemicals,
          motorcycles              agricultural products

REVENUES  $1.2 billion             $1.1 billion

PROSPECTS Strong brands but        Dismal; uncompeti-
           needs improved           tive in new era;
           technology               squandering family

              AMALGAMATIONS            ARVIND
COMPANY  Amalgamations Group,    Arvind Group, found-
          started in 1938 by      ed in 1931 by
          Anantha                 Kasturbhai Lalbhai

CURRENT   A. Sivasailam, 62       Grandson Sanjay
CHIEF                             Lalbhai, 43

BUSINESS  Tractors, auto compo-   Textiles
           nents, plastics

REVENUES  $630 million            $350 million

PROSPECTS Bright; company         Sanjay resurrected the
           markets well and        company but needs to
           benefits from growth    stress cost-cutting and
           in agriculture          technology

COMPANY    Ramco Group, started
            in 1935 by P.A.C.
            Ramaswamy Raja

CURRENT    Grandson P.R. Venkat-
CHIEF      rama Raja.

BUSINESS   Cement, building
           products, textiles,

REVENUES   $250 million

PROSPECTS  Good; company has
           innovative products
           and cheap, skilled

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