WWW.TRAVLANG.COM: A major problem with conventional foreign-language phrase books for travelers is they provide no ear training. So even if you manage to make yourself understood to that helpful Pole in Krakow, your chances of understanding the answer are slim. Travlang's talking online phrase book can help fill the gap. Click on ''Languages for travelers'' to see--and hear--common travelers' phrases in three dozen languages. You can even get help with your Latin. So in the Vatican gift shop, you can try ''Chartulas credit asccipis?'' (Do you take credit cards?)

WWW.JUST-SO.COM: Want to send a literary Internet postcard to a friend? This site, the work of Carnegie Mellon University graduate student Olga Tereshko, features ''postcards'' with a quotation and an illustration from various works of literature. Choices include Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories and Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Perhaps you want to send one saying ''What is essential is invisible to the eye'' from The Little Prince. You fill in the address, add your own message, and click to send. The recipient gets an E-mail message giving a private Web address where the postcard can be retrieved.

INVESTOR.MSN.COM: Investment-related sites, both free and fee-based, are busting out all over the Web. One of the more interesting free sites is the redesigned Microsoft Investor. The newest version adds expanded commentary and new online-trading services to the standbys of portfolio tracking and market data from PCQuote.



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