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Honey, What's on the Web Tonight?

A sampling of players bringing the Net to the TV via hardware, software, or Web services:

WEBTV: First to market, this startup's $350 Web-surfing box, manufactured by Sony and Philips, is leading the pack.

SEGA: The video-game maker's $200 NetLink add-on gives the Saturn machine a link to the Web.

VIEWCALL AMERICA: Its On-TV Web service provides E-mail, news, and entertainment to Net TV devices, including Sega's NetLink--all for $40 a year.

DIBA: Several Net-connected devices, including one made by Mitsubishi for under $300, are in the works. But Diba is late and recently lost Zenith as a Net TV partner.

ORACLE: Its Network Computer unit aims to spur $500 consumer devices from licensees, including Akai Electric--though none has appeared yet.

NAVIO: Netscape subsidiary is creating Web browsers for Zenith and Mitsubishi TVs.

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