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SUN MICROSYSTEMS: Sun's Java software is a key part of Netscape's Web-based software.

PUBLISHERS: 50 publishers, including The New York Times, CNET, and HotWired, now E-mail free, customized editions to Navigator users.

INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS: Five Baby Bells offer Netscape's browser to their online customers.

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and others are working with Navio, a Netscape spinoff, to develop Web software for consumer devices.


INTEL: The ''Wintel'' platform--Microsoft Windows and Intel microprocessors--still rules in computerdom. The two hope to extend Wintel dominance to the Net.

PC MAKERS: Virtually every new PC comes with Microsoft Windows and, these days, its browser, too.

PUBLISHERS: Microsoft offers The Wall Street Journal and other subscriptions to users of its browser.

INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS: Microsoft has snagged MCI, Sprint, and America Online.


AT&T: Initially featured Netscape's browser on WorldNet; now it's showcasing Microsoft Internet Explorer.

IBM: The computer giant resells Netscape's browser as well as Microsoft's Windows and NT operating systems. But its Lotus unit competes with both in groupware.

GENERAL ELECTRIC: Netscape and GE Information Services have an electronic-commerce joint venture. GE's NBC runs MSNBC, with Microsoft.

HEWLETT-PACKARD: HP provides support and training for large Netscape and Microsoft customers.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS: Microsoft's Windows is the No.1 platform for developers, including key ''enterprise'' software makers such as SAP. But some 15,000 developers are rooting--and writing--for Netscape, too.

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