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Want to Grow Fast?

Here's how Netscape does it

DISTRIBUTION: Netscape grabbed the lead in its market and saved millions by making its software available on the Web. It has distributed 50 million browsers in just two years.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: On the Web, Netscape gets instant feedback from the most demanding customers, speeding bug fixes and development.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Customers and software developers can get immediate help--answers to questions, documentation, and bug fixes--from its Web site.

SALES: When a prospective customer fills out a form on Netscape's site, the lead is routed to Netscape salespeople and resellers.

MARKETING: Netscape's home page, the most popular on the Web, gives it unparalleled visibility--and generates ad revenues.

INTERNAL OPERATIONS: Netscape ''eats its own dog food''--it uses its own software, often test versions, to run the business.

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