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Sites to Ease the Apr. 15 Angst


INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE     Download tax forms, and use questionnaires   to determine eligibility for deductions

TAXING TIMES 1997            Download federal forms, and find IRS phone    numbers

1040.COM                     Download state forms, and search for          preparer in your area

THE TAX PROPHET              Obtain tax-lawyer advice on a wide range    of topics

SECURETAX                    Prepare 1040 for free, but you pay $10 to     print or file electronically

ERNST & YOUNG                Also offers a synopsis of tax codes abroad    at

GRANT THORNTON               Good tax advice for small-business owner;
                             summary of 1996 tax calendar 

CA$H FOR YOUR USED CLOTHING  Avoid miscalculations on charitable deduc-       tions, and pay $15 for list of prices for

FLAT TAX HOMEPAGE            Compare how you would fare under a flat tax
                             with this simple calculator

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