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Winners & Losers

BEST NYSE STOCK: PC cardmaker Centennial is celebrating a 370% gain, a deal with Polaroid, and a stake in a computer on a belt

BEST AMEX STOCK: UTI ENERGY CORP. -- This leader in land rigs for oil drilling saw its shares skyrocket more than 500% in '96 as demand shot up

WORST STOCK GROUP: Telecom deregulation sparked a war among phone carriers and cable operators that made broadcast and media an industry to avoid--at least for 1996

BEST STOCK GROUP: The flame burned hot for oil and gas drilling companies thanks to 3-D: seismic technology and a rig shortage

BEST NASDAQ STOCK: The computer witching hour, the year 2000, nears for corporate systems, and Viasoft's programs can fix the big glitch

BEST STOCK FUND MANAGERS: Kam and Landis racked up a whopping 65% gain in their high-tech fund

WORST STOCK FUND MANAGER: G. Paul Matthews' Korea fund took a drubbing. It dropped 26%

BEST COMMODITY: Hogs were king as tight supplies of live porkers drove prices relentlessly higher--nearly 61%

BEST OVERSEAS MARKET: China's Shenzen B shares went on a wild ride, gaining 126%, though Communist Party officials eventually put a stop to the festivities

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