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Where IBM Has Taken Back Lost Ground

             Aetna        Cablevision   DuPont

Project      Claims       Customer      Global
             processing   management    system to
                          and billing   run SAP
                          system        software

Equipment    Four         Large-scale   Workstations
             mainframes   parallel      and database
                          computers     software

Competitor   Amdahl       Tandem        Hewlett-Packard,

             Indian                Liberty             Pohang Iron
             Airlines              Mutual Insurance    & Steel

Project      Online                Reengineering       Controllers
             reservation system    and associated      for manufac-
             and passenger         systems             turing process
             service system        development

Equipment    Two mainframes        Consulting          Servers, work-
             and systems                               stations, and
             integration                               systems manage-
                                                       ment software

Competitor   Unisys                Andersen            Digital
                                   Consulting          Equipment

                                               Wake Forest
             Sears               U S WEST      University

Project      Data warehouse      Data          Notebook
             for 120 million     warehouse     computers with
             credit-card                       Lotus Notes for
             accounts                          students and faculty

Equipment    Three large-scale   Large-scale   ThinkPad
             parallel            parallel      Notebook PCs
             computers           computers

Competitor   NCR                 NCR           Apple Computer


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