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Tools to Improve Your Golfer's Game

BEL-TRONICS'             A radar gun that measures club head
SWING MATE                speed and yardage for up to 10 swings
800 828-8804              and stores data, $100

GURU GOLF'S              A computerized target that rates each
PUTTING ZONE              putt according to accuracy, speed, and
800 527-7395              distance, $150

PUTTRON                  Helps improve your alignment by using
800 929-PUTT              an infrared beam that reflects off a
                          mirror attached to your putter, $130

SOUNDADVICE'S            Electronic sensors in the grip beep
SMARTGRIP AND             when excess muscle tension that can
SMARTCLUB                 ruin your swing is detected, $70 for
800 515-BEEP              the grip, $100 for a 7-Iron, $129 for
                          a 3-Wood

X-SQUARED                A collapsible plastic track helps teach
800 637-3557              consistent setup and alignment, $50


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