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Compaq Defectors

ROSS COOLEY: On Oct. 24, the company's top North American sales exec quit to become chairman and chief executive of, a small company that sells personal computers over the Internet.

DOUG PUSHARD: The vice-president who directed the company's entry into networking biz left suddenly on Oct. 14.

MARK CANEPA: He lasted three weeks in his job as a vice-president in the workstation division. He defected on Oct. 16 to competitor Sun Microsystems.

MICHAEL LAMBERT: The vice-president in charge of marketing servers to corporate customers quit on Oct. 9 to become a senior vice-president at Dell Computer.

MICHAEL NORRIS: Compaq's vice-president for North American sales left to become president of Intelligent Electronics on Sept. 1.

GARY STIMAC: He quit his job as vice-president of the fast-growing systems division on July 2. He now is a board member and consultant to chipmaker Cyrix.


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