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Some Popular Pentium Notebooks

3.1 DELL       Latitude LM P133ST, 6.8 lb            Great performer,
    COMPUTER   12-in. TFT display, 16MB RAM, 810MB   but removing CD
    $2999      (133 Mhz)           disk, 6X CD-ROM   and floppy a

2.8 IBM PC CO. ThinkPad 760ED 1,   1.2GB disk, 4X    Deluxe model,
    $6999      2-in. TFT display   CD-ROM            includes MPEG
               (133 Mhz)                             video, Lotus
                                                     Smart Suite

2.8 WINBOOK    WinBook FX,         6.8 lb 16MB RAM,  Solid performer
    COMPUTER   11.3-in.TFT         1.3GB disk,       top-notch user
    $3999      display, (133 Mhz)  CD-ROM            friendly

2.7 COMPAQ     LTE 5300,           7.4 lb 16MB RAM,  Nice use of
    COMPUTER   12.1-in. display,   1.3GB disk,       removable bay;
    $6398      (133 Mhz)           CD-ROM            easy to access

2.7 HEWLETT-   OmniBook 5500,      16MB RAM, 1.0GB   Best disk
    PACKARD    12.1-in. display,   disk, CD-ROM      storage
    $6120      (133 Mhz)

2.7 TEXAS      Extensa 570 CDT,    6.4 lb 16MB RAM,  Designed for
    INSTRU-    10-in. TFT,         1.2GB disk, 6x    performance
    MENTS      (100 Mhz)           CD-ROM

2.4 PACKARD    NEC Versa 6030H,    9.5 lb 16MB RAM,  Heaviest to lug,
    BELL       12.1-in. display    1.0GB disk,       but you get big
    $6598      size, (133 Mhz)     CD-ROM            screen and sound

2.4 TOSHIBA    Tecra 500 CDT       8 lb, 16MB RAM,   Can swap CD
    AMERICA    12.1-in.            1.3GB disk        for floppy in
    $4999      TFT display, (120 Mhz)                modular bay

1.5 CANON      InnovaBook 360CD    6.7 lb 16MB RAM,  Lowest cost
    $2599      CD-ROM, 10.4-in.    810MB disk        multimedia
               DSTN screen, (133 Mhz)*

For more information see
*Uses AMD Pentium-like chip


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